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Song Information - "Through My Little Girl Eyes"

'Through My Little Girl Eyes'  

It is based on remembering what a great time I had when I was growing up.  We were very poor financially, but not poor emotionally or physically.  The simple things we really enjoyed   doing...flying kites, catching lightening bugs, chasing butterflies, talking to the cows and trying to catch birds.

Mom and Dad worked all week, and during their work time we would stay with our Grandmother.  She would let us play with all of her many trinkets, if we would clean and dust where they were sitting.  We had a great time doing that!

My parents loved us very much and I remembered - 

'Through   My Little Girl Eyes' 


'Hush And Be Quiet' 

This song is about reflection from the past to the present and the future of ones life.  And meditating on how

things keep changing through life, then in the end what is really important.  It is very important for us to take time to reflect on our lives to see how far we have come and where we are headed.  We need time to - 'Hush and Be Quiet'


My mother fell asleep in death in 2003.  I kept a journal and wrote to her all my activities and feelings.  That helped some, but I needed to do more.  In 2006 I wrote about her in song.  I remembered all the wonderful things she did for and with us children.  I still sing the song to my husband everyday.

Everything about her was 'Soft'.  She was part French, part Indian.  She had beautiful dark, think, wavy long hair when she was a young woman.  It was 'Soft'.  She made each of us children   feel very important to her.  That made us feel very secure and very loved.

She taught us how to pray.  And she would listen to our prayers at night.  So I really appreciates God's promise in the Bible of the Resurrection hope.  And one day I will welcome my mother back here to life and a paradise earth.

(John   5:25, 28, 29) Then I can sing to her 'Soft'.


'In The Eyes of The Artist' 

This song is inspired by Duncan Regehr, a Royal Canadian Artist who holds a Doctorate in Fine Arts and won   the American Vision Award on Distinction in the Arts.  He is a prolific multimedia artist of international prominence in the visual, literary, and performing arts.  His paintings, sculptures and written works are found in important collections worldwide.  Mr. Regehr's art is vibrant, breath taking and heart pounding.  The vibrant colors   are unique to Duncan Regehr.  He formulates his own oils to produce jewel-like colors.  He is an Artist of   great emotion and sensitivity.

Enjoy   the rhythm of Duncan Regehr's Art by viewing his works at and see what we saw - 'In   the Eyes of the Artist'

'Walkin' Up The River' 

The song is about two young boys who take a journey up the river and all the fun, excitement, and adventure they find along the way.  The song was inspired at first by my husband and his younger brother.  Then, our two young nephews, Kendall and Kristopher took this trip.

This song will inspire and warm your hearts as you take this journey with these two young boys as they are -'Walkin Up the River'


'What Daddy Would Sing' 

My Papa was the best guitar player I have ever heard. He loved to entertain.  His mother was a music teacher and most of her eight children could play all kinds of instruments.

When Papa played guitar it sounded as if many guitars were playing at the same time.  We played and sang together   everyday and I never grew tired of hearing him play.  I always liked hearing Papa play and sing 'Why Do Girls   Wear Britches?'  It was funny and he sang it with personality.  I feel close to my dad when I sing, -'That's What Daddy Would Sing'


'Music Man' 

This song is inspired by the great Steve Hornbeak.  This man can create and adapt a simple composition into a gigantic, melodious production. 

So, listen and take a journey with this 'Music Man'.


'Up and Down Strolling' 

My husband inspired me to write this song.  All through his life he loved to dance.

When he was in Vietnam the USO girls would pull him out of the audience to dance with them.  However, when he came home from Vietnam, he was struck with Multiple Sclerosis.  Now he is wheel chair bound with Progressive   Multiple Sclerosis.  Although he can no 

longer move his legs, he still likes to move his wheel chair to the beat of the music.

This song is about his desire to dance and we go - 'Up and Down Strolling'.


'Honest and True' 

For many years, my husband looked for a true love and even wondered if there was such a thing as true love.  Even while he was in Vietnam, he was still looking for true love. When he came home, a love he had left had found another. Eventually he became engaged and she found another.  So, he was wondering if there was such a wonderful thing as honest true love.

Then one day while visiting friends, there was a new friend among them.  I was the new friend.  We only met when we were with friends. We would walk and talk about everything.

We have been married over 25 years.  We both found - 'Honest   True Love'.



This song was created out of frustration for a lack of time, as we have gotten older.  Schedules are very cramped.  And remembering that when we were young, time really did not mean anything for we had not major responsibilities.  Sometimes we are just looking for - 'Time'.

'If I Had A Million Dollars' 

My parents took us to our first drive-in movie when I was 7.  'King Kong vs Godzilla' was playing.  We were so impressed that my siblings and I came up with lyrics and sang it to our parents and grandparents as well as we would see.

The lyrics are, "If I had a million dollars, I'd sail across the sea, and visit King Kong and Godzilla and bring them home with me."  Years later, I remembered the lyrics and how that little song became a family affair.  So in the song, I added how much my parents and grandparents enjoyed our little song, 'If I Had A Million Dollars'.


'Fun In The Sun' 

This song was created out of our many fun times when we visited Panama City Beach, Florida, which is an exciting   place to visit.

This is just a small portion of our scrapbook of many, many enjoyable things we did.

One of our favorite adventures near Panama City Beach was our island that we had while we were visiting.  It was breathtaking.  It was another world to be there and enjoy - 'Fun   In The Sun'.

This is music for the whole family to enjoy and even dance to. It will capture your imagination and warm your hearts! It will take you on a heart pounding journey of adventure through music, art, family, and true love.